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Understanding who you are…


When I was first hired for a new job out of college, they had all the new hires take a Myers-Briggs personality test. If you have never had to do this type of test, it is basically an inventory of statements and personality characteristics that you yea or nah to, and it tells you what kind of a person you are. I recently stumbled across 16 Personalities– which is a simplified version of the Myers Briggs test that categorizes you into 1 of 16 different personality types. The description of my personality was eerily accurate- the good and the bad. (I am the Campaigner- and btw, the quote above was my personal “mantra” given with my results, which, when I read it, almost brought tears to my eyes- yea, this test is good.). Even more interesting, was having my husband take the test. We sat and read each other’s results and chatted about the type of people we are and how/why our personalities compliment each other so well. (He is the Adventurer). It’s funny because sometimes we would read a statement and say, ‘that’s not me at all’…and then a few minutes later, you would realize, ‘well actually, it kind of is because’…

Taking this test started to get me thinking about my strengths and weaknesses and what I wanted to change about my life. One of the things that drives me forward is working to improve my weaknesses to try to be a better version of myself everyday. And, with the New Year fast approaching, and resolutions looming large, I thought I would get a jump start on my goal setting.

From the small to the large, things I want to work on:

  1. Stop being late all the time- it stresses me out and it drives other people crazy.
  2. Continue on the path to healthy- cut out (a lot of) processed foods, keep striving to eat a plant based whole food diet, and keep working out!
  3. Make a plan and stick to it- Both Steve and I are awesome at making the plan, just not so great at executing…make a housekeeping/chore plan, keep up with my planner, organize (and keep it that way!)
  4. O.K. here’s the biggie…FINISH WHAT YOU START! I cannot tell you the amount of projects that I have that are either 1/4-1/2 way finished that I long to get done. I’m really going to try to stop being a dreamer about these things and really finish what I start (for once.)

So those are my pre-New Year’s goals that I hope have me ringing in 2017 with more strengths than weaknesses…

What kind of person are you? Have you taken the 16 personalities test? Do you have things that you want to change? I’d love to hear 🙂

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