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20 Questions…


Did you ever play 20 questions when you were a kid? Steve and I love to try to guess/figure out stupid facts and puzzles the other one is thinking about using the 20 questions format. Last night, for some reason, we were talking about People Magazine, and I recalled to him that I had just seen the cover in Walgreens the other day and it was the Sexiest Man of The Year. I challenged him to guess who he thought it might be, using 20 questions, and it was totally harder than expected! We usually don’t really keep track of how many yes or no questions, I kind of let him ask until he figures it out, or is too frustrated to continue (although that rarely happens, he gets pretty determined…)

The funniest part about it was he kept asking questions that I answered, “sort of,” or “in a way…” and he was totally confused until he figured out who he was and then all the pieces fell into place.. don’t you love that?!

Him: Is he known for acting?

Me: Yes, and something else.

Him: Music?

Me: No.

Him: Comedy?

Me: No.

Him: Sports?

Me: …in a way

Him: So, he’s an athlete

Me: …sort of

Him: Can I/ have I played this sport?

Me: …In a way (like, when you were 10 years old with your brother in your parent’s living room)

Haha! By the way, it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (Is the kind of wrestling The Rock did a sport? Or pure entertainment? Hmm…)

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