Are you an adventure eater?

I went to an Indian supermarket today and needless to say, it was a highlight of the day. I pretty much haven’t stopped talking about how amazing it was all. day. long. I have always been a fan on Indian food and was looking for some specific ingredients to make a traditional dish called kitchari. (This will be my first real foray into cooking Indian food, I’m usually just a consumer.) I walked into the kaleidoscope of the market and my eyes grew to the size of saucers. I wanted to explore every shelf and box, bag and piece of produce, many that I had never seen or even heard of before. (Honestly, I could have stayed in there for hours- alas, I only had about 10 minutes!) Seeing all these new and different foods got me thinking about adventurous eating. I’ve always been interested in new cuisines and trying unfamiliar flavors. Want some swad fryums? (see picture below) I’m not sure what that is, but now you’ve intrigued me. IMG_5325

One of the most amazing sights was an entire wall- literally, shelf after shelf- of different lentils and beans. It was amazing.


Seeing all these (new to me) products, got me so excited, that my trip to pick up one bag of mung dal turned into 2 grocery bags full of stuff. (below) and promptly buying this book off Amazon. The best find of the day was, by far, the vegetable ghee- which I have been searching for (online) for the last month and could not procure. (Ghee is a clarified butter. This version is free from animal products)

What about you? Do you like trying new cuisines? Are you an adventure eater? Or do you stick to the tried and true? I’d love to hear if you’d like to share!



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