In the cards?


Have you ever had a reading done before? When Steve and I were passing through New Orleans on our honeymoon, I had to stop at Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo to get my path predicted. It was kind of a kitschy thing to do, so I put my name in, walked around Bourbon Street with a Hurricane in hand and waited for my appointment. At 9:30pm I ascended up a dark staircase at the House Of Voodoo where I came upon an elderly woman with silvery hair and weathered deck of cards. As she began, she shuffled her deck, allowed me to cut them, and asked me to start choosing cards, all while Steve perused shrunken heads downstairs. She knew right away that I was on my honeymoon! She then predicted that Steve and I wouldn’t have children right away; that we would have some trouble in the beginning. However, we would go on to have a son, and very soon after, a daughter. Fast forward (almost) 4 years later, and here we are fulfilling all her prophecies. Take that as you will- believer or sheer coincidence… Have you ever had any amazing coincidences or predications in your life? I’d love to hear!


Marie Laveau’s on Bourbon Street.


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