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Secrets of Supermarkets

ladies in supermarket

Before 1916, when you needed to restock your pantry, you would visit a grocer, who stood at a counter and took your grocery order! (Or you could hand over your whole shopping list, and the grocer would come back with everything you needed) – it was completely full service! But that all changed in 1916 in Memphis, Tennessee when the first self service supermarket was opened- a Piggly Wiggly! Most supermarkets sell over 50,000 items in their stores and there is a very scientific reason behind where to find every single one of them.

On top of this- shoppers usually only recall the price of 4 different items, bread, milk, eggs and bananas, which means they don’t necessarily know if prices of other items fluctuate regularly, or if they are shopping smart.  Speaking of bananas, the most popular (most purchased) color of bananas is Pantone color 12-0752 (buttercup!)

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…and look at these beautiful markets…

(via Gabe Stulman’s Joseph Leonard and Jeffrey’s restaurant/grocery store » NYC Wedding Photographer Blog):

*photo credit: (the photography is ethereal!)

The pale green colour of the shelving in this store make the overly-cluttered grocery store appear lighter, fresher and larger making the clutter appear organized.:

*photo credit:

Image result for eataly

Photo credit:

Top Photo:



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