Goal Setting…


Lately I feel like I have so many goals and plans- both long and short term. Short term goals- like forming better habits (ahem- making the bed every morning, having a clean sink with no dirty dishes at the end of the night, etc, are a whole other post entirely). Do you have long term goals for yourself, for your marriage, for your family that you think about?  Steve and I had a much needed date night tonight that started off as Thai food (yum) and ended up at a local bar drinking mojitos and bottles and Bud and discussing our future. The future is sometimes so hard to fathom, especially when you are taking a whole family into account. It’s overwhelming sometimes to think about your goals and your passions for the next 5 or 10 years, when you also have 3 other people to think about; whose happiness and comfort are infinitely important to you. It’s funny (ironic) to think about how when I was really only concerned about myself and what I was doing/ where I was headed, I only thought about as far as my 2 feet in front me. And now, when I think about giant moves, to new spaces and new places, career changes, and huge risks, there are 3 other people (not to mention our extended family) whose lives also hang in the balance of those decisions. (Doesn’t life just kick you in the ass in that way?) I think it’s so important to set goals for yourself (both long and short term) and to be on the same page as your spouse about where you headed, and what will be best for the both of you and your family, and lately Steve and I have been trying to do a lot of that. It’s interesting how much emotion plays into your decisions, and sometimes I wish I had a time machine to glimpse into the future to see what/where we are supposed to be headed. (Does anyone really ever know where they are supposed to be headed anyway?) We were both talking tonight about how neither one of us are big risk takers- however, I also fear the path not traveled. Especially when that path is gilded with your passions. How do you decide how what moves to make and what’s right for you without being/feeling selfish, but also not putting your happiness on the back burner? I’d love to hear…


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