The cutest stuff…


(This is not a sponsored post- I’m just genuinely obsessed)

So I’m basically beyond fixated on Mokuyobi. I’m not sure exactly what it is about their stuff, but they are the perfect mix of cuteness, whimsy and practical. (Both the printed bags and the solids, and the accessories are all on point.) Plus, there are so. many. pockets. (Can you ever have enough compartments in a bag?) These bags make me want to have the cutest, most organized life. I might just trade in every other bag I own for the whole collection. I’m not even a backpack fan and I’m so in love with the Too Dreamy backpack– I might have to get it. (Can you become a backpack convert over night?!)

Also: this fantastic interview with Julie Pinzur owner/creator of Mokuyobi- which means Thursday in Japanese. Julie says that “Mokuyobi’s philosophy is that there is always something to look forward to…there are always good things coming that spark excitement.” (Like a new bag!)

Here are are few items I’m currently swooning over… my birthday is next week- will you buy me something?

Mint Sweater
Jet Setter
Jet Setter Patch
Road Trip
Road Trip Patch
Three Mountain
3 Mountain Patch


Soda Tote
Too Dreamy
Too Dreamy Backpack


Neon Orange/Mint
Camp Bag

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