Best Week Ever!

We had the Best Week Ever! (April 17-23, 2017)

I got this amazing candle, almond chai, um..yes please! (Plus, how cute is the label? You’re the best! ..No, you’re the best!)



This girl learned how to pull herself up to standing!


Steve made us the most delicious vegan sausage, “egg” (tofu) and vegan cheese sandwiches on homemade biscuits for Sunday breakfast! (Don’t worry, recipe coming soon)


I found these killer Free People bell bottoms at Marshalls! Of all places! (similar)


I drank lots of tea out of my new My Favorite Murder mug!


We had so much fun at Target!

Image result for missing richard simmons

I listened to this entire podcast in 2 days and was equal parts fascinated and somber for Richard Simmons.


And we visited the Catskill Animal Sanctuary! (More on this in tomorrow’s post!)

We had a super busy week this week, but it was the good kind of busy, where at the end of the night, you smile and think about just how lucky you are…Plus, tomorrow is my birthday (34!).. I’m looking forward to setting some new goals for the year and celebrating with vegan cupcakes! Hope your week was the Best Week Ever!

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