Pretty little lounge clothes


Today was rainy. And kind of cold. It was one of those April days where you know summer is just around the corner and if you can put up with the crappy weather just a little longer, the sun will be on the other side to start warming you. All I wanted to do all day today was slip into something soft and lay around our bedroom. Of course when there are appointments, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc, it seems that there is little time left for lounging. But truly, is there anything that sounds better than slipping into some cute, comfy clothes and lounging around in your room before bed? It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do, even though I barely have the time to do it lately. Here are my top picks for getting you in the mood to lazy around…

This great jumper.

Sleeping In shirt.

This super soft nightie.

This mini dress. (which is probably too great to only sleep in)

These overalls.

These pants.

and… I just ordered this.

Happy lounging!



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