IMG_6010We pretty much always have music on in our home. Within the span of a couple hours,  you may hear Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard playing the piano on a hauntingly beautiful melody, or Bert and Ernie harmonizing on an introductory tune for their bathroom sing- a- long (while Bert is still in the tub). Since music has always been an important part in our lives, it’s fun to introduce our kids to music we love or is meaningful to us. It’s such a cool feeling to get to impart beautiful curated music to little ears that are just, for the very first time, hearing The Beatles or Bob Marley. We’ve even started introducing Dash to vinyl; he especially loves the liner notes. Digital music is great and all, it’s incredibly convenient; but there truly is something you miss by not buying a brand new album that you can hold in your hands and read through the lyrics, as you listen to the whole record from start to finish, without skipping anything, as it was meant to be heard.

This is currently Dash’s favorite song (and probably mine too)- it’s the best to hear him signing it under his breath while he’s playing.

And… you should watch this because it’s fascinating.

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