Best Week Ever!

This week was the best week ever! April 24-29th, 2017

Monday the 24th was my birthday! I had the perfect day that was both productive and treat ‘yo self worthy! My sister treated me to some unreal vegan cupcakes! (That one on the bottom was pistachio! eee!)


These 2 are playing together and it makes my heart smile.


I got my car detailed inside and out! (Is there anything more satisfying than an immaculate car?)


It was so beautiful out, we got to go on a playdate to the playground with friends, and I got a tan!


I bought this fantastic floor pillow at IKEA!


And this little caravan of cute makes me wish that every shopping cart was a double wide!



This necklace came from Amazon today!

The top slang words from the 80s.

Steve got me this for my birthday!

I. can’t. wait. (we are currently rewatching the Seinfeld “reunion” season right now!)

A pint of Guinness is finally vegan! (Steve is rejoicing!)


Beautiful words. 

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