Life lessons. (for kids and adults)


It’s no surprise that Sesame Street imparts life long lessons and morals on our children, and has been since 1969! Steve and I have actually really been enjoying watching Sesame Street with our ‘Ses’ (what our son calls it) obsessed children. It not only demonstrates these great life lessons for our kids about acceptance, patience, understanding and compassion, but also has just enough humor and wholesomeness that we actually find ourselves repeating jokes, and singing songs. (Seriously, some of those songs are so damn catchy, I find myself singing them for days…) Two of my favorite songs/lessons are not only things that I;d love for my kids to learn and embrace, but are also things that I think as adults, a lot of us need to work on as well!

First, the power of yet! How many times have you been working hard on something that you just can’t get. It’s one of the most frustrating experiences you can endure when you are working so hard on something and just not achieving your goals. I love the idea that even though you may not be perfect at this right now, you will, one day, if you keep working hard at it. Not only does this teach patience, it also teaches perseverance. (2 things that I could probably work on a bit…)

Change the plan! This is one of my other absolutle favorite videos! Not only is it such a catchy song, and has a lobster as a DJ, it teaches the importance of going with the flow, and being chill. That sometimes, even though you have a plan, that plan can change, and end up being even better and more exciting. It uses the Bert and Ernie foil of Ernie wanting to make a video of everyone dancing, and Bert not wanting anything to do with his video…until of course, he isn’t a part of it. (Which can also teach kiddos- and adults- to try something new, you just might like it!)

I bet you’ll be singing at least one of these for the next few days… you’re welcome.

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