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Time Capsule Homes

A time capsule home is exactly the amazingness that you think it is. It’s a home that has only been owned (usually) by a single owner and hasn’t changed in, well, decades. They are decorated with original furnishings and are a true snapshot of the trends and decor of the time period. Some of these houses will even go on the market and include all the furnishings! This one, for sale now, in PALM SPRINGS(!) is amazing, and got me jonesing for some more time capsule homes, here’s a peek!

palm springs time capsule home
Palm Springs 70’s home!
Time capsule bathrooms are the best!
This midcentury marvel!
OMG! This bathroom!
This A frame!
This patio!!
Holy $hit! This wallpaper!
Or this bathroom! Sunken tub?! Swoon!
midcentury living room
Chill zone!
This pink family room!

Would you consider living in a time capsule home complete with monochromatic decorating and shag carpet? (Sign me up!)


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