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Bathing Suits!

Capture_170509.pngAs you can see, the last time I bought a bathing suit, I was incredibly pregnant… If you’ve ever had to buy a bathing suit while pregnant, you know it’s not the most fun thing. There are very few choices, like honestly, I think I had 2 total choices, because I was not going to spend a ton of money on a maternity suit that I wasn’t that thrilled to be buying to begin with. So, now, here we are, almost a year later, and I’m so excited to go bathing suit shopping! There are so many cute styles out there this season! (I especially love the original prints and vintage cuts!) Here are some I’m swooning over! (Plus, I included a little bonus Mommy and Me section at the bottom of this post, now that I have a little girl to buy for too!)

*Also, many of these links are from Unique Vintage– which carries many of these suits in all sizes!*

Palm Leaf
Red Chevron (on sale!)



target bathing suit.PNG
This sleek suit is from Target!


Shell Yeah!
Kind of obsessed with these scallops!
Confetti Party!
Cactus! I totally ordered this already!


Swan Song! (I ordered this one too…eee!)


If you wanna match your little one and you love that pink cactus suit…

Matching cactus

or if you need that swan suit!

Swan Swimsuit
Mini swans

Or… try one of these sets!

Dinosass Swimsuit
Little Dino Swimsuit
And little’s!
That's Bananas Swimsuit
Little Bananas Swimsuit
And little’s!

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