Fitness Tracking


Do you use a fitness tracker? …I am currently using 2, is that insane? Maybe… but let me explain. I love my Apple Watch. I love that I get alerts from my phone straight to my watch even when I want my phone tucked away. I love that I can actually look down at my wrist and see the time! I love that I can get a really quick snapshot of where I am with my fitness goals for the day. However, it doesn’t quite track everything I was hoping for in a fitness tracker. When I was originally trying to decide what type of tracker to get, before I even bought the Apple Watch, I kept coming back to this beautiful little guy. I eventually went with the Apple Watch because it seemed to fit my lifestyle the best, however, the Leaf was always in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, my in- laws got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday (thanks Jim & Joyce! Always the perfect choice!) and (because I currently have like 86 things in my ‘save for later’ category in my cart) it was not hard to come up with something I wanted. After weighing in on just how crazy it would be to wear two fitness trackers, I decided to order it. And can I just say, I love it so far! The Leaf is just different enough that I don’t feel like the two trackers overlap too much, plus, the Leaf is such a pretty piece of jewelry in and of itself. The Leaf also happens to be the perfect tracker for females, in that it actually tracks sleep patterns, your cycle and your stress levels. (While also giving tips and tricks about stress reduction, meditation and general health facts to help you function optimally- and who doesn’t want that?!) I can also attest to the fact that having a fitness tracking (for me anyway) improves your activity level and diet just by wearing them. This is because they are a daily reminder for me to make good choices. Sure, you can blow off exercising, or indulge in extra dessert, but wearing a fitness tracker makes me keenly more aware of the choices I make everyday and at every meal, plus, isn’t it satisfying to see your progress while working towards mini goals everyday? (steps, mileage, sleep, etc) I know it is for me.  What about you? Do you wear a fitness tracker? Do you love it or hate it?

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