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Milestone birthdays


Steve turned the big 4-0 today! He was super casual about it and doesn’t like to make a big fuss about birthdays- which is so totally unlike me… I’m all about a very special birthday month.. ha! Today got me thinking about milestone birthdays and reflecting on our past years while looking forward to the future. I must have asked Steve 10 times today if he felt different, and what does it feel like to be 40?! (I meant it in an awesomely loving way, by the way! I love birthdays and it’s exciting to have a big one!) It’s funny though how people make a big thing out of 40, like it’s a bad thing- like now you’re old- “over the hill” etc.. but I loved the way Steve put it… he told me that turning 40 wasn’t a big deal to him because he was so happy with his station in life- we are so happily married, we have two amazing kiddos, we’re healthy, and we have a slew of vegan treats to celebrate! (Ok, I added that last part about the vegan treats!) but really, I love the idea of looking at birthdays through the lens of how much you’ve accomplished thus far and how lucky we are to be as happy as we are, no matter how old. More birthdays just means we’ve had more time to experience more amazing, breath taking, delerioisly happy type moments, and that’s a pretty great thing.

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