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2017 Food Trends!

food trends cartoon header_1Okay, so we all know about food trends. If you consider yourself a “foodie” or even if you’re into food at all, you’ve witnessed the rise of kale, doughnuts, bacon on everything, cupcakes ‘erry day and avocado toast (to mention a few) in the last few years. And here’s the food trend from the year you were born! (Mine’s Penne Alla Vodka! Yum!)

Well, 2017 should be no different with a vast array of new and exciting food adventures. (Like these, and these.) Since I consider myself a vegan foodie– I’m totally into trying and experimenting with all things food trend this year. After reading multiple lists and predictors- I came up with an (exhaustive) list of the food trends I’m most excited about for 2017 (some may look very familiar, some might be brand new to you!) In my new FOOD TREND FEATURE, I’ll be diving into each one of the following food trends headfirst to share reviews, recipes, articles and twists on each one of the items on the list. So, without further ado, (and in no particular order) THE LIST!

Sourdough bread

Plant Butchery

Dosha dining

Edible cookie dough

Plancha Grilling

Pickles and Fermenting

Sea Vegetables

Creative/Housemade Condiments


Ethnic Breakfast Foods


African food

Buddha bowls




Naan Pizza




Street Food


Wellness Tonics

Food by products

Purple Food

Persian Influence

Root to Stem dining



Mexican food



And just for fun…Tom Haverford’s take on food.


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