Best Week Ever!

This was the BEST WEEK EVER! May 15th-21st, 2017

Started the week off at barre with my new favorite tote and the best slip on’s. 


You can tell a successful Whole Foods trip when you bring home Miyoko’s fresh mozz. (for Caprese salad) and fiddleheads.



Went to an actual brick and mortar bookstore and drooled over every vegan cookbook… I ended up getting this one! 


We had a big breakthrough with Dash’s eating! Thank you graham crackers!


First farmer’s market of the season!


We spent Friday night having a pizza party at the beach (Sailor’s first time seeing the ocean!)


And Sunday brought us rolling around in the ballpit, enjoying plantain chips on the patio, and re-watching episodes of Top Chef.


Plus this…

What in the …whaaaaa? 

Please can I have one? Please!

Quintessential New England.

The next Marfa?

And if I go to Todos Santos, this is where you can find me…

YES! So much this!

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