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Hospital bag!

Steve carrying in our hospital bags

My friend is having her baby on Thursday! I’m so excited for her! We were chatting tonight about what to bring/pack in her hospital bag…here’s what I packed and recommend! (Disclaimer: I’m a certified overpacker- you were warned)

Clothing: The key to this category is all comfort!

-Tank dresses, loose t shirt, bathrobe or this!!!!, loose fitting lounge pants, <nursing>tanks and soft comfy bras, cardigan/hoodie/light sweater, slippers, a comfy outfit to go home in

*You will probably end up wearing the hospital issued mesh (I know) underwear! If you have a few pairs left in your room, take them home with you- you will want them for the first days home! The hospital will also provide you with pads during your stay.


-Makeup face wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact case, glasses, eye drops, body wash/shampoo/conditioner, shower cap/dry shampoo, hair brush/hair products/ moisturizer, chapstick/gloss, hair elastics, and I liked having a basic makeup set- eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, under eye cream- you don’t absolutely need it, but I felt a little more put together when all those photos were being snapped.

Steve reading Red Sox news to Dash

Comfort items:

-My own pillow, a soft roll of your own toilet paper, face mist, a few snacks for you and hubby (a couple of Cliff bars, your fav candy), mints/tic tacs, flip flops for shower, chargers, small bluetooth speaker, camera, blanket for your spouse (for that seriously comfy pullout couch),  a book/magazine, ipad, earbuds and some music/downloaded podcast, anything you might want for breastfeeding (nipple cream, pads)

Nice to have:

An extra duffle/tote bag, notebook and pen, a place to save and remember this amazing day! sleep mask, your own towel

Baby stuff:

-A going home outfit, car seat and newborn insert for car seat, cotton swaddles, (do yourself a favor and get the one’s with velcro!) a soft baby blanket, boppy pillow, burp clothes

Hospital will provide: diapers, pacifier (only some hospitals provide this- so if you want one, you might want to pack one, Sailor really took to this one), formula/bottles, breast pump, undershirts, vaseline, wipes, baby blankets, newborn hat

Also: Don’t forget you picture i.d., insurance card, any hospital paperwork you may already have and a basic list of the most important things you envision for your birth to give to the nurse.

Welcome to the world Dashel!
Ahoy Sailor!


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