(Not really the) Best Week Ever!

This week was (not really the) best week ever…May 29th- June 4th, 2017


Not gonna lie, this was a tough week. I lost a really important flash drive, we had to bring Dash to the E.R. (insert incredibly sad, nervous, scared, anoxious emoji here), I got VERY little sleep, and I have pink eye. But in the spirit of riding a silver lining and looking forward to the start of a better week tomorrow- here’s some of the good stuff that happened 🙂

Sailor loves tamales!


I went on a beautiful hike one day after the rain and saw this very cool sunken garden.


Finding beauty in the mundane (chopping celery)


This cartoon came into my life…


Steve and I spent a night out- in a hotel!


I got to debut this clutch and these shoes…


…And we thought we had lost Foofa- but we didn’t!



Why you should write more letters guys!

Hiking the entire A.T. !

If you’re not up for the whole Appalachian Trail, try one of these spots!

Cabin Love

I need this shirt.

Dreaming of LA

Steve had these for the first time and he dubbed them Nature’s candy.

I think these are nature’s candy!


Flaunt your love.




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