Growing up…

It’s crazy how fast time seems to go when you’re trying to hold on to precious moments. I started getting very sentimental tonight about Sailor growing up and turning one (in about two weeks!) it’s funny because watching Dashel grow up has got me really excited for Sailor to hit the same milestones. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t want her to grow up too fast, but I secretly can’t wait to hear her talk and sing and run around… 

But, then I got this video sent to me from daycare..

And it’s pretty darn cute and so exciting, she’s so close to getting up and just walking all by herself! I sent the video to my parents and my dad made a comment about how sweet it was to see her trying to stand, and falling over, and her little laugh every time she fell… then he said, “she won’t be doing that for much longer!” And it hit me, all of a sudden, my little girl is growing up! I’m trying hard to hold on to these moments while still letting them grow and thrive, but the thought of my kiddos never doing something again makes me so sentimental for them staying babies forever… 

Do you feel like your kiddos are growing up too fast? A very insightful man (Andy Bernard from The Office) once said…

These are the good old days.

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