Best Week Ever!

Ahhh! This week was the Best Week Ever! June 26th- July 2nd, 2017!


This was really the start of our summer! We played a lot on the playground…


And took some wagon rides- Sailor was obsessed, Dash was just straight chillin’!



I found these at Trader Joe’s! They are really good- basically like lychee nuts- def. worth a try if you come upon them! (tip: they are easy to peel, but there is a pit!)


It was this girl’s first time in a pool! (She loved it! Phew!) And our first time this summer soaking up the sun and cooling off.


Dash was in major “helper mode” this week- he wanted to help carry everything and even move furniture! (Now every time we walk past this chest in our hallway, he points to it and says, “I moved that!” – of course with Daddy and Papa’s help!)


And…you can never have too much fun in a clothing rack…



The most elaborate hedges and topiaries! Amazing!

The museum for virtually unknown artists.

For the first time ever, a vegan chef was awarded this prestigious French award! 

and… speaking of, yay! 

I just bought this kimono, dawg.

This Pinterest Search is everything.


Yes, these turtles are totally high fiving brah! 


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