Tied to the ocean…

Today was a hard day. It was one of those days where everything seems to go wrong and I ended up in tears several times. (OK, more than several… OK, there might still be tears in my eyes as I write this). One of the only things that really inspired me today was this quote. Maybe if I can imagine myself walking on a sandy beach, breathing in a breath of fresh salty air, and forgetting all the worries in the world, maybe, just maybe, I can relax for a moment today. I hope your day was a good one.


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Slumber Party Questions!


My new fav thing is coming up to bed early, putting on some music, lighting a few candles, and actually getting to spend some time just talking to Steve. Lately, it seems that all our daily routines have us so busy that we barely have anytime to just sit and talk anymore. Sure, we could talk about work, and how our (busy) days went, but for a change, I thought we could switch things up a bit and maybe even learn some stuff about each other we didn’t know before! I came up with a (giant!) list of slumber party questions- some easier than others- cut them up into little strips and put them into an empty jar for us to take turns pulling from. You could do one question a night, or a whole marathon session of, “wow! I didn’t know that about you!” I included a free download of  SLUMBER PARTY QUESTIONS! (click to download) I printed them on colored paper to make my jar a little prettier! Now you and your sig other can have your own slumber party! Enjoy!


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Magazine Inspiration

What inspires you?

When I decided to start the 100 days project, I can’t lie, the first thing I thought was, am I going to have enough ideas to blog for 100 days straight?! This got me thinking about the different things that inspire and excite me. (You know that feeling that you get when something really inspires you and jump starts your creativity? Isn’t that the best feeling?)

Here’s a list of some of the things that inspire me most… how about you? What do you find yourself screenshotting on IG just so you can look at it again later? What issues of magazines do you read over and over (and over) again? I’d love to hear if you’d like to share!

Magazines: Old issues of Readymade Magazine, old issues of Blueprint Magazine, new and old issues of Domino

Catalogs: Schoolhouse Electric, (they have an amazing instagram too!) CB2

Instagram: Homepolish, the_home_edit, TheJoshuaTreeHouse, ElectricConfetti, OhHappyDay, classyclutter, urbanoutfitterscampwandawega, palmspringsstyle, em_henderson

Brick & Mortar Shops: Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain 


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I’m so excited this morning because today marks the start of the 100 Days Project! For the next 100 days, me, and many others, are challenging ourselves to do something creative for…wait for it…100 days! I chose to work on blogging for the next 100 days since blogging is one of the creative outlets I love the most, even though I never seem to have the time to actually blog. With this project, I have found new motivation to create more, cook more, take more photos, read more, and of course, post more! If you don’t know what the 100 Days Project is, you can find out all the details here! I hope you follow along here, on my blog, and also on IG (chrissykaszanek) or at #100daysofhustleandveg