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Vacation Mood Board

Vacay mood board1

I think one of the best things about looking forward to traveling to a new place is dreaming about (and googling) all the places I want to go, all the sites I want to see, and of course, all the places I want to eat and drink 😉 when I get there.

We’ve all seen lots of travel guides for different places we want to visit;  travel guides are great sources of info, but none of them match exactly what I’m looking for. For example, everyone (and I mean everyone) is pretty passionate about the BBQ in Austin. However, since I’m vegan, and not planning on taking a BBQ road trip around Texas, I’m far more interested in the best plant based food in the area.

So, instead of jotting down the places I wanted to go on scraps of paper, (that I may or may not find later) I decided to combine a few of my favorite things- traveling, art journaling, and mood boards! Now I have all the places I want to visit in Austin in one (cute) spot! Plus, doing this little project got me even more jazzed about visiting Austin again! (Full disclosure, Steve and I spent 2 days in Austin on our honeymoon road trip, but there is SO much we didn’t get to!) My notes will also help when we get to Austin, since I included addresses, phone numbers, hours, important tips, etc! Happy Travels!

vacay mood board 2