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Day 2 of project massive clean!

Today’s post is brought to you by my incredibly cluttered and crazy messy, no where near organized basement! This is one of those massive projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never ever have the time… I’m trying to best utilize these few days, while the kids are still in school and I’m off, to make a massive dent in these major clean out projects. Plus, we are also having a tag sale on Saturday, so I’d love to get as much out of my house as possible before then! I’ve been trying to implore the Konmari technique as I clean. First and foremost, do not keep anything that doesn’t spark joy! It’s been relatively easy going through the extraneous stuff we have been storing in the basement, Andy have been able to cull a lot of the stuff taking up way too much space in boxes and bins. I’m a self proclaimed pack rat so I’m actually pretty proud of myself with how ruthless I’ve been at getting rid of stuff.

The hardest thing to purge is, by far, is the sentimental stuff…  I have a good 3 tubs of memories that came from my parents house when they moved out of our childhood home and I gathered my stuff from the attic of their old house. A lot of it is photo albums, yearbooks, notes and cards, old journals, movie ticket stubs, prom favors, VHS tapes (I’m dating myself here…) etc… it was all so nostalgic to peruse through, I really couldn’t bring myself to get rid of anything quite yet…I only scratched the surface of going through these boxes, because I really wanted to make sure I was using my time wisely with other clutter. However, some of the treasured ephemera and mementos I did scope out in this first go through were simply soul satisfying. Amongst some great old photos, I also found my switchplate from my nursery (which I’m going to install in Sailor’s room), a box of Uno cards my Nana and I used to play with constantly (stored in an old cut tissue box), my parent’s wedding favor (decorative plate? ashtray?), and the traffic light light pull from my Papa’s apartment in Washington Heights- to name just a few. It was so lovely to run across these items and feel the rush of so many happy memories come flooding through my mind. It also made me excited to show this stuff to Dashel and Sailor one day; I think they will love to look through some of it when they get older. I already started showing Dash some pictures from when I was about his age and when I asked him who he thought was in the photo, he identified it as himself 😌, ‘no, buddy, but I get why you said that.’ 

Do you hold on to sentimental items? Are they stored in a box somewhere? Or do you have them displayed? I’m going to try to pick some of my favorites to incorporate into our everyday lives to keep those happy memories close by. 

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Major clean out’s!

We all have those places in our homes that we dread cleaning out… some of the more common ones are the garage and the basement. (And attic!) Unfortunately, these spaces tend to be the ones that get neglected the most often and become a breeding ground for we storage of stuff the we don’t necessarily want and definitely don’t need- but can’t quite seem to part with either. My Dad came over today and we attacked the garage together! Here are some tips when taking the plunge to clean out your garage.

1. Get everything out! It’s much easier to see everything, easier to sweep/clean the garage of dirt, dust, leaves and spider webs when everything is out. 

2. As you’re bringing your stuff outside- we brought everything out onto the driveway- separate it into piles.

-stuff we are getting rid of (we’re going to have a tag sale this weekend, and anything that doesn’t sell is going to Goodwill) 

-stuff I’m keeping that goes into house or car or other area, not the garage 

-stuff I’m keeping that goes back into the garage

– also throw out all trash and recycling as you go!

3. Have some clean rags around to dust off items and shelving as you go.

4. Be ruthless about letting things go. Do you really need that croquet set that you’ve never used? Remember, if you’re about to store something out of sight, think long and hard, again, if you really need said item.

5. Once garage is empty, sweep it out using a large push broom. Don’t forget all the corners!

6. As you begin to put items back into the garage, pick spots thoughtfully and slowly. Decide what makes the most sense to have where. 

7. Utilize wall space and hooks and hang things vertically whenever possible. 

8. Group like items together- gardening tools, potting soil, planters… you get it 

9. Try to envision your cars being parked in the garage and do your best not to store anything that would be in the way of getting your car in and out. (We usually park in the driveway, but it’s ideal to have your spot carved out all the time, both for practicality and for de-clutteredness…

Some before pics…

And after!

Tomorrow starts the basement… eeeeee!

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My (ongoing) Konmari Adventure


Have you read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”? I bought it back when everyone was talking about it, and then kinda put it aside and never got around to reading it… I recently picked it up when I finally had a little time to read (incredibly hard to come by lately!) and I’m pretty much obsessed. The basic idea behind Konmari’s plan of decluttering is 1. Only keep things that ‘spark joy,’ things that you get excited about owning when you look at them and pick them up. And 2. Find a place for everything, and always return that item to it’s place when you’re finished with it.  Sounds easy enough right? Well, for me, it’s definitely been a journey. Since I am trying to complete my decluttering piece-meal, it’s certainly taking me a little longer than I’d like, but I’m motivated to go through everything in my house, top to bottom, and purge everything that doesn’t make my life a little happier. I’ve made a master, long term list that I’m using to keep me on track of every area I want/need to attack. (I also love this checklist of categories made by Carrie from Making Lemonade!) Kondo recommends conquering your clutter by approaching categories of your stuff. (i.e. your clothes, books, paper, miscellany, and lastly, and most difficult, your sentimental stuff). The list below is an outline on every area in my home I need to empty out in order to sort my stuff into the categories. I’m not sure why I have towels in several places in my house, but I know I do- my goal is to consolidate my (favorite) stuff into one storage area, so that I will never lose track of anything again!

IMG_0399.JPGI tried to be as specific as possible, but also left some room for notes and ideas that I may have as I go. Although this journey may take a little time for me to complete, I’m excited for the results; a more streamlined, minimalistic approach to life that makes it easy to clean my home. I dream of the days where it doesn’t take tons of planning and cleaning before I feel comfortable having guest come over- I can’t wait to not fear the ‘pop-in,’ to the days where toys are contained and counter tops are clear!

I love this Inst-post from her posted just the other day… (The pic is cute- but what really gets me is her caption!)

Konmari Insta.PNG

So far, I’ve finished the clothes category, but now that it’s been about a month, I think I’m ready to purge more clothes, now that I know what I truly love and wear all the time and what stays in my drawers! I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Are you working on tidying your home?