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Sailor’s first birthday!

We threw Sailor her first birthday party today!! I can’t believe my baby is one already! She started saying the word ‘up’ and took a couple of steps on her own! I think she’s gonna be walking and talking more and more- and we can’t wait! Here’s some quick pics from our fun today! 

Yes, I do love vegan chocolate cupcakes.

The first time I’ve seen Dash dig into a cupcake!

We did a unicorn and rainbow theme- Which was almost too fun and adorable! 

My rainbow fruit platter was a major hit.

A ball pit is always a good idea!

I love my new puppy!

Party = success! Thanks for celebrating our special day!

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A beautiful documentary

Have you heard of the documentary ‘Given’ ? I hadn’t either, and then I stumbled across mention of it when I was posting that surf shack chic post a couple days back. In the article that I linked to about a couples dream surf home in Hawaii, the owner of the home mentioned he had just come back from filming it. I was intrigued and after watching the trailer, I couldn’t wait to see the entire film. Although at first blush this may seem like something you may have seen before, but trust me, this is not your age old travel documentary. First of all, it is told through the precocious eyes and words of a 4 year old boy, which, when paired with the amazing cinematography and awe inspiring visuals, makes this film beyond beautiful for your whole family to enjoy together. (Even if it makes you a bit jealous!) Take a quick gander at the trailer below, will you see it? I can’t wait to show it to my family! 

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The best thing you NEED for the beach this summer!

IMG_6463 (2).JPG

We went to the beach for the first time this season! It was a gorgeous day on Friday and our friends invited us for pizza on the beach! Not only did we all need a break from the usual nighttime routine, it was so nice to enjoy a beautiful night on the ocean! Sailor had never been to the beach and she loved getting her feet all sandy (and yes, she did put a fistful of sand into her mouth…but I think that’s a rite of passage) and Dash got to play with sand toys and dip his toesies into the ocean! And we all got to enjoy dinner al fresco. Since it was our first trip to the beach this season (and with 2 kiddos), we are not yet seasoned in the ways of packing for a successful beach trip. I remembered most of the important things, and we figured our friends (who also have small kiddos) would be able to fill in the gaps. When we got to the beach, our friends had THE BEST beach table. It was this cool little table they had set up in the middle of our ring of beach chairs and blankets. It kept all our drinks, chips and pizza sand free ALL night! (I honestly hadn’t even thought of where we were going to put the pizza boxes down once we got to the beach, so we were grateful our friends are seasoned beach pros!) This little table was seriously a life-saver! Then, as we were getting ready to leave and pack it up, my friend flipped the table over into the sand, unscrewed the legs and ROLLED IT UP! It even fit into a little beach bag!!! I was literally geeking out over this table; it’s so portable and so convenient, and perfect if you’re bringing any food or drinks at all to the beach. Long story long, I ordered two as soon as we got home, one for us and one for my folks. I can’t wait to use it on our beach vacay to South Carolina this summer! Oh, also, it’s on sale! Do yourself a favor and order it now! Don’t be intimidated by the third picture of the table below- the assembly is literally 2 seconds and my 2 year old could do it! (p.s. This post is not sponsored in any way, at all, I’m just obsessed with this table!)

Table In A Bag

Table In A Bag

Table In A Bag

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Coffee Table Books


Is there anyone who doesn’t like a good coffee table book? Remember this… From interesting stories, to little known facts, to beautiful photos and illustrations; coffee table books give your guests something to peruse while you’re in the bathroom. They can also set a certain vibe or tone to your living space and even say something about you. The coffee table books below are some of my favorites… Some are great conversation starters, others you just can’t pull yourself away from (Pick Me Up-I’m talking to you). We’ve all seen Humans of New York, and Time’s Photographs- and while those are certainly tried and true publications with their own set of merritts, I hope these picks will be a breath of fresh air for you and your table.

coffee-table-books-1  ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE. SIX.