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plural noun: scruples
1. a feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of action.
2. A game of moral dilemmas invented in Canada in 1984, when a man who was studying mortality amongst baby boomers came up with a questionnaire for his friends, who had so much fun discussing the answers at length, they said, “hey, we ought to make this into a game!”
Have you played before?
This weekend, while at Steve’s family’s house, we were immersed in our own little game of a “scruplesesque”  moral dilemma. Here’s the quandary- Steve’s brother, who has always been a big baseball fan, and has collected cards since he was younger, found out that a certain baseball card was worth approximately $10,000. A certain run of these cards had been printed with an error, making these rare “mistake cards,” a valuable treasure!
Around the same time that he had heard about the value of this card, he recalled that a friend of his, about 25 years ago, had left a binder of his baseball cards at his house one afternoon while they were playing. As luck would have it, my brother in law recalled that his friend’s collection not only contained a copy of this player’s card, but that this binder also still happened to be collecting dust in the crawl space in my in-law’s garage! Over 25 years had passed since his friend had left these cards at his house, the friend in question had never asked for or attempted to retrieve the binder of baseball cards. (And although they technically once belonged to him, they had now been in my brother in law’s possession for the last 25 years, and my BIL wasn’t even sure the friend even remembered once owning or leaving these cards at his house.)
Now for the dilemma… do you try to get in touch with the friend to tell him that you have this baseball card that once belonged to him, and it is now worth 10 grand? Do you call and tell him and offer to split the pot with him if you can dig up the card? Do you keep your mouth shut and cash in for yourself?
Turns out that although my brother in law did actually find the card! – it was not the one with the printed error and was only worth a couple of bucks. But this interesting predicament got us all talking, and debating, and discussing for quite a while. (Hey! this ought to be a game!) It was so intriguing to hear what everyone’s justification was, for either side of the argument, and it was genuinely surprising to hear some of the answers- especially from people you think you know a lot about!
This stirred up memories of the board game Scruples, and although I had never played, I remember it vividly in my parent’s hall closet where they kept all the board games when I was growing up. After a quick Google search, it turns out that the popular 80’s game is now a free app!
And just for fun, here is Scruples on The Johnny Carson show:
And… on Everybody Loves Raymond
Fast forward to 6:42


Best Week Ever!

This week was the best week ever! May 8th-May 14th, 2017

We celebrated Mama’s Day & Steve’s 40th birthday with family!



I got to use my new yoga mat at barre class this week!


Got to spend a lot of quality time with my favorites!




We ate dinner at one of our favorite places- all vegan upscale cuisine.


I made (and devoured) my first vegan s’more of the season! (on the beach!)


And… this picture encapsulates being a Mama of 2 littles!



Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg have a potluck dinner party tv show! – this is them making brownies!

I’m totally making this (freaking awesome) toast.

How it feels to be getting older– I love that young guys in movies are no longer love interests, I see them as my sons! ha!

This avocado dress!

And, in honor of Mama’s Day, the first time you really appreciate your own parents– and God, how much I appreciate my own parents, now that I have my own children, blows my mind.

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Milestone birthdays


Steve turned the big 4-0 today! He was super casual about it and doesn’t like to make a big fuss about birthdays- which is so totally unlike me… I’m all about a very special birthday month.. ha! Today got me thinking about milestone birthdays and reflecting on our past years while looking forward to the future. I must have asked Steve 10 times today if he felt different, and what does it feel like to be 40?! (I meant it in an awesomely loving way, by the way! I love birthdays and it’s exciting to have a big one!) It’s funny though how people make a big thing out of 40, like it’s a bad thing- like now you’re old- “over the hill” etc.. but I loved the way Steve put it… he told me that turning 40 wasn’t a big deal to him because he was so happy with his station in life- we are so happily married, we have two amazing kiddos, we’re healthy, and we have a slew of vegan treats to celebrate! (Ok, I added that last part about the vegan treats!) but really, I love the idea of looking at birthdays through the lens of how much you’ve accomplished thus far and how lucky we are to be as happy as we are, no matter how old. More birthdays just means we’ve had more time to experience more amazing, breath taking, delerioisly happy type moments, and that’s a pretty great thing.

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Planner addict?! 17-month large agenda - one day at a time
One day at a time planner

Are you a ‘planner person?’ I want to be so bad- how do I get to be one of those people? I aspire to have beautiful, colored coded pages with inspirational, motivational quotes to get me through my busy week. I yearn to be one of those people that has cute little drawings next to her appointments with meticulously calligraphed times and places. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and go type #planner or #planneraddict into Instagram… Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Wasn’t that awesome?! It’s seriously a feast for your ‘I want to be organized and creative at the same damn time’ eyes! Amiright?!

For some reason, I stall with planners. Every January, I hunt for the perfect planner, and always end up tossing it to the wayside halfway through February. (And I do not have another method for keeping track of dates and appointments, so it’s really a bad situation.) I gotta get back on board with planners! Are you a planner person? Do you use a traditional January-December spread? Or do you ever buy mid-year planners? I just discovered this fantastic Bando mid year planner (link above in photo caption) that I’m kinda obsessed with.

My other possible options:

These Purple Trail planners can be totally customized and you can start them ANY month you desire! (What a great way to get a fresh start, whenever you are ready for it!)

These Day Designer planners that start mid year provide goal setting pages and an hourly daily spread so you can really utilize every minute of every day.

And lastly, the always fashionable, always customizable Erin Condren life planner- whose covers alone make me want to buy more than one.

Which one would you get? Or are you already entrenched in your own planner that you started in the New Year? Any recommendations for other planners I missed? I’ll keep you posted on my hunt for the perfect planner- the one that changes my unorganized ways…


Spiked Shirley Temple


This is a super simple non-fussy drink. It’s more about the awesome idea of spiking a Shirley Temple than figuring out the actual recipe- like if you were ever 9 years old and looked forward to ordering this drink (sans alcohol) anytime your parents took you out to a restaurant, you can probably guess what’s in it. This grown up version still has that sweet cherry, pucker your lips flavor, but with the added bonus of vodka. This is so tasty, it’s dangerous- and yes, I do need to buy more vodka- thanks for noticing 😉

Spiked Shirley Temple

Using an 8 ounce glass, mix 1 ounce of vodka, 5.5 ounces of 7UP or Sprite, and 1 ounce of grenadine. Garnish with a maraschino cherry. (If you want a little added cherry flavor, you can sub in cherry flavored vodka)

Update: Apparently, I have lived under a rock and this drink is officially called a ‘dirty Shirley,’ I don’t know why, but I don’t like that name at all, like it taints my memories of Shirley Temples or something…Ha! I’m sticking with a spiked Shirley!


Fitness Tracking


Do you use a fitness tracker? …I am currently using 2, is that insane? Maybe… but let me explain. I love my Apple Watch. I love that I get alerts from my phone straight to my watch even when I want my phone tucked away. I love that I can actually look down at my wrist and see the time! I love that I can get a really quick snapshot of where I am with my fitness goals for the day. However, it doesn’t quite track everything I was hoping for in a fitness tracker. When I was originally trying to decide what type of tracker to get, before I even bought the Apple Watch, I kept coming back to this beautiful little guy. I eventually went with the Apple Watch because it seemed to fit my lifestyle the best, however, the Leaf was always in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, my in- laws got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday (thanks Jim & Joyce! Always the perfect choice!) and (because I currently have like 86 things in my ‘save for later’ category in my cart) it was not hard to come up with something I wanted. After weighing in on just how crazy it would be to wear two fitness trackers, I decided to order it. And can I just say, I love it so far! The Leaf is just different enough that I don’t feel like the two trackers overlap too much, plus, the Leaf is such a pretty piece of jewelry in and of itself. The Leaf also happens to be the perfect tracker for females, in that it actually tracks sleep patterns, your cycle and your stress levels. (While also giving tips and tricks about stress reduction, meditation and general health facts to help you function optimally- and who doesn’t want that?!) I can also attest to the fact that having a fitness tracking (for me anyway) improves your activity level and diet just by wearing them. This is because they are a daily reminder for me to make good choices. Sure, you can blow off exercising, or indulge in extra dessert, but wearing a fitness tracker makes me keenly more aware of the choices I make everyday and at every meal, plus, isn’t it satisfying to see your progress while working towards mini goals everyday? (steps, mileage, sleep, etc) I know it is for me.  What about you? Do you wear a fitness tracker? Do you love it or hate it?

Fashion · Shopping

Bathing Suits!

Capture_170509.pngAs you can see, the last time I bought a bathing suit, I was incredibly pregnant… If you’ve ever had to buy a bathing suit while pregnant, you know it’s not the most fun thing. There are very few choices, like honestly, I think I had 2 total choices, because I was not going to spend a ton of money on a maternity suit that I wasn’t that thrilled to be buying to begin with. So, now, here we are, almost a year later, and I’m so excited to go bathing suit shopping! There are so many cute styles out there this season! (I especially love the original prints and vintage cuts!) Here are some I’m swooning over! (Plus, I included a little bonus Mommy and Me section at the bottom of this post, now that I have a little girl to buy for too!)

*Also, many of these links are from Unique Vintage– which carries many of these suits in all sizes!*

Palm Leaf
Red Chevron (on sale!)



target bathing suit.PNG
This sleek suit is from Target!


Shell Yeah!
Kind of obsessed with these scallops!
Confetti Party!
Cactus! I totally ordered this already!


Swan Song! (I ordered this one too…eee!)


If you wanna match your little one and you love that pink cactus suit…

Matching cactus

or if you need that swan suit!

Swan Swimsuit
Mini swans

Or… try one of these sets!

Dinosass Swimsuit
Little Dino Swimsuit
And little’s!
That's Bananas Swimsuit
Little Bananas Swimsuit
And little’s!