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Recreating Iconic Rooms

How deliriously cool would it be to spend some time in one of your favorite spaces? A place that you’ve seen (and probably memorized) a million times.  A place from inside your television or movie screen, or maybe a favorite painting? nd if you can snap a picture, even better! Here are some recreations of some iconic spaces that had been staged for anniversaries, reunions, or just for the sake of art- and oh how cool it is!

The recreation of Ferris Bueller’s room

Ferris Bueller’s room recreated in Toronto plus an interview with the artist on tracking everything down!


-A breakdown of every item in Ferris’ room

Van Gogh’s bedroom

-Staying inside one of Van Gogh’s paintings (it was actually on Air B&B!)  

Colorful: In the blue and yellow tiled kitchen, pots and pans in primary colors line the blue counter, and baby Maggie's high chair sits in a cornerColorful: In the blue and yellow tiled kitchen, pots and pans in primary colors line the blue counter, and baby Maggie's high chair sits in a corner
Place to relax: A look inside reveals colorfully decorated rooms, including a living room with the fictional family's iconic red couch

A real life version of the Simpson’s house! (Which was won in a contest!) 

Fans can visit the fictional Upper West Side one bedroom that the TV version of Jerry Seinfeld called home and check out props and set pieces from the NBC sitcom's nine seasons.

-A recreation of Jerry Seinfeld’s memorable apartment for Hulu’s premiere of the show! (Although it was located in the meatpacking district in NYC and not the Upper West side) 

Fans of 'Friends' will have only a month to enjoy Central Perk.

-The quintessential coffee house, Central Perk, “reopens” in NYC for te 20th Anniversary of Friends 

Image result for jimmy kimmel friends apartment

-Which prompted Jimmy Kimmel to recreate Monica and Rachel’s apartment for a skit to celebrate the anniversary 

Professor Green and his wife Millie MacIntosh recreate the iconic image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

And..who doesn’t recognize this iconic scene?

Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green recreate the photo to raise awareness and funds for another charity, War Child. 

Definitely inspiring!

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Front Yard Art Installations


How cool is this tree trunk truck sculpture? (try saying that five times fast!) This is in someone’s front yard on the way to Steve’s work! It’s mostly trucks, but I spotted at least one airplane, and a little alligator peeking out; he’s towards the bottom of the pile! It got me thinking about how long this family has been collecting and building this amazing installation, and what the story behind the different trucks are. One of my favorite aspects about this work of art, is that it’s  made from recycled items that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Here are some other works of art, right in their own front yards!

Mark Oliver, Yard Art Installations
Mark Oliver’s Sculptures
Mark Oliver, Yard Art Installations
Mark Oliver’s Sculptures 
yard art 3
Hastings, Nebraska invited 35 residents to make their own yard art and distributed signs and maps for their “neighborhood” gallery
Cynthia Calvillo1
Cleveland artist revitalizes old unwanted tires 
Bottle trees actually have a rich history! 
Related image
Can you imagine having these hedges? 
Image result for yard art installation
This flower bed!
About Chairful
Public art installation in Arlington, Ma
A tribute to the unelected 
Image result for front yard art
A happy yard art installation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
La Jolla artist Nasser Pirasteh 

And… not actually a front yard, but so dreamy, nonetheless…

Giant Rabbits in D.C.’s Navy Yard

Best Week Ever!


This week was the best week ever! June 12th-18th 2017

It was Father’s Day! And we had a Father’s Day BBQ at our house with my family and Steve’s folks- we spent a lot of time playing and getting our feet dirty! (A sure sign of summer!)

Dirty little feet!

Dash ate avocado toast for the first time! (And anytime this crazy picky eater eats something new, it’s something to celebrate!)


Sailor is so close to walking, we can all taste it! (And it’s gonna be trouble!)


We worked on shopping for our summer wardrobes… and ran errands


Check out this sassy look!
The traffic in this aisle is insane!

We got a new car!! I am officially a Mom that drives a minivan, and I LOVE IT! (This car is so spacious, Dash can actually run around it! Ha! (when the car is parked- obviously!)


We are all very excited about our new van!

We got lots of shoulder rides…


And snuggled, a lot. This was the best week ever 🙂



The evolution of women’s sizes

We just bought this for Dash for the summer and I’m stoked for him to see it- once we put it together!

After so much research, I decided to buy this mid year planner for my resolution to really keep a planner this time…

This was part of Steve’s Father’s Day gift and I can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

I love this blog and one of her features is about what she feeds her vegan daughter- some great ideas! 

8 last minute ways to save for a vacay

and… since I’ve been focused on getting our own house in order

a breakdown of what to focus on to clean the (part that your guests will see) house in 45 minutes or less to prep for a dinner party


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Rustic gnocchi with butternut squash and mushrooms


Is there anything more satisfying than potato pasta? The fresh vegetables paired with this pasta makes it lighter fare for a summer night, yet still very satisfying. A simple garlic and basil sauce rounds out this simple, rustic and delicious dish that’s easy enough for weeknight cooking, but impressive enough for weekend guests. (This is also a one pot wonder- so you don’t have to stress about cleaning multiple pans!)

What you need: 1 lb of gnocchi, 1 butternut squash- peeled and cubed, 10 ounces of porcini mushrooms- cleaned and cut into chunks, 1 onion, 5 cloves of garlic, 1/2 cup of fresh basil leaves- chopped, 3 tbsp olive oil, salt

Here’s the plan: Boil a large pot of water on high heat. Add the cubed butternut squash to the water once it is boiling. Cook for about 10 minutes, until tender. Add the gnocchi to the boiling water and cook for 3-4 minutes. (Gnocchi cooks pretty fast- you can usually tell when they are done when they start floating to the top.) Drain the squash and gnocchi in large colander.  Peel and dice the onion. Peel and mince garlic. Add olive oil to the pot and heat over medium heat. Add the onion and garlic and saute for 5 minutes until soft and translucent. Add the chunked mushrooms. Saute until mushrooms are soft. Lower heat to low. Add the squash and gnocchi back into the pan. Add the basil and salt to taste. Mix well. (Optional, add an additional tbsp of olive oil and stir.) Enjoy!


Fashion Rules

Me in one of my first modeling shoots circa 198something

Do you follow fashion rules? I think there are some fashion rules that are totally made for a reason, and personally would not break, but others, are definitely made to be broken. Here are a few common (and not some common) rules/faux paus to keep in mind (or not) when you’re dressing…

  1. No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day (unless of course we are talking winter whites and velvets)
  2. This time frame (above) also goes for linen
  3. No corduroy during the summer months
  4. No visible bra straps
  5. No mixing animal prints
  6. Don’t over accessorize
  7. Socks with word..ugh
  8. Don’t mix too many fashion trends in one outfit- reign it in girl!
  9. Too much denim! (on the top, on the bottom, and everywhere in between)
  10. Mixing black and brown (not all neutrals go together!)
  11. Clothes that totally don’t fit you- too big or too small
  12. Pattern mixing
  13. Dressing “your age”
  14. Say no to fanny packs
  15. Dress in this decade
  16. Wearing white to someone else’s wedding

What do you think? Yay or nay to these rules- I personally follow 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10 ALL. THE. TIMES. (Because ironing linen is a pain in the ass anyway and I literally wouldn’t be caught dead with socks and sandals!) As for other so called “rules”, corduroy mini skirts are freaking adorable, one might say you can never over accessorize, these fanny packs are the shit, and I almost exclusively try to dress out of this decade…so, there’s that…)

Here’s the new fashion rules for 2017, according to experts. 

And as for rule number 13…SCREW THAT! Here’s the BEST ARTICLE that speaks to dressing your age! And, by the way, wear whatever the F you want.

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A beautiful documentary

Have you heard of the documentary ‘Given’ ? I hadn’t either, and then I stumbled across mention of it when I was posting that surf shack chic post a couple days back. In the article that I linked to about a couples dream surf home in Hawaii, the owner of the home mentioned he had just come back from filming it. I was intrigued and after watching the trailer, I couldn’t wait to see the entire film. Although at first blush this may seem like something you may have seen before, but trust me, this is not your age old travel documentary. First of all, it is told through the precocious eyes and words of a 4 year old boy, which, when paired with the amazing cinematography and awe inspiring visuals, makes this film beyond beautiful for your whole family to enjoy together. (Even if it makes you a bit jealous!) Take a quick gander at the trailer below, will you see it? I can’t wait to show it to my family! 

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Car shopping …

Car shopping is something that sounds like it should be fun- a new car! Captain’s chairs! All the cup holders you could want! How exciting! But in reality it’s a bear. The part where you get to look at cars and test drive is fun… but the financial part is the worst! It’s a whole lot of sitting in uncomfortable chairs, sometimes with the sun in your eyes, feeling hungry and thirsty, and the waiting… oh the waiting… while you go back and forth and quibble about mileage and money down and monthly payments.. ugh… it’s enough to make your head spin…

Steve and I also have very similar personalities when it comes to wheeling and dealing… neither of us like it. I’m not a super pushy person and feel uncomfortable in situations where confrontation is involved… so even though everyone is supposed to be making everyone feel like family, it’s actually an incredibly awkward situation. Steve’s aunt, on the other hand, is super confident when it comes to car shopping. She literally comes in, tells them what she wants, and what she’s going to pay, and that’s it! Boom! She makes it happen. We should have brought her tonight. Ha!

How about you and your partner? Is one of you more the take charge deal maker? How do you deal in situations where you are making major purchases? The whole thing feels so heavy and important and I feel way too much like an adult…

but… we got a new car!! With a third row of seats! And it’s a big, juicy, van! (I’m totally embracing #momlife amiright?!)